Early Summer Exhibition

Call of the Wild

Featuring the work of Nicolas Bruant and Helen Moore

Open Thu—Sat 11am—4pm (and by appointment)

There is a magic, a poignancy, a sense of excitement about the African bush that is not only gripping, it is addictive.  Once bitten by the ‘bush bug’ a person is infected for life.  Bush fever is a kind of madness that compels you to return and return – a longing which will seize you by the throat until you would gladly sell your soul for the sight of a dry thorn tree against an empty sky, a herd of wildebeest wheeling under their cloud of dust, or the deep rasping “augh!” of a lion prowling in the night.

C. Emily Dibb, 13 June 2013

The Bigger Picture Gallery’s Early Summer Exhibition contrasts the dark, brooding, black and white images of East Africa’s wild beasts, captured over a period of nearly 50 years  by veteran French photographer Nicolas Bruant, with the lighter, more contemporary style of local Cornwall-based photographer, Helen Moore.

In addition to limited edition prints, Wild Beasts, a book encapsulating Bruant’s finest animal portraits is available for sale at £20, exclusively at the gallery, together with a series of poster prints and postcards.

To place an order email info@biggerpicture.gallery or telephone +44 (0)7803 969333

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